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Sally ParkerSally Parker has been in the fitness industry for over 28 years and is a level 3 member of the Register of Exercise Professionals. She specialised in Pilates 18 years ago and is now a Master Pilates Instructor with the Body Control Pilates Association.
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Sally was originally based in the Godalming area and moved to Cornwall in January 2012, (click Find a class for details).

Up until Sally's move to Cornwall, she attended a weekly training session with a senior Body Control teacher. Sally still continues to build on her expertise by attending regular workshops and seminars.

Sally brings a wealth of knowledge to her classes and empowers her students to have fun.

Sally has recently discovered BodyTalk and was so fascinated by its results that she is now a qualified practitioner. Click here for more information about BodyTalk.

For more information on any of Sally's classes, or advice on fitness, or BodyTalk contact Sally by email: or by phone: 07879494455.